Two normal dudes who built a multi six-figure 
freelancing business in under a year and a half (from scratch).

                                  Tyler Gillespie

      Tommy Joiner
We've made over $260,000+ in under 18 months...  

And we can show you how to do better.

Are you up for the challenge?
In just 18 months, we have built a multiple six-figure business by freelancing online (from scratch) and now we want to share with you what we have learned...
When we say from "scratch," we mean it...

When we started out, we had no prior freelance experience, no company website, no past clients, no testimonials, no online job profiles, and no reviews...nada, zilch...

And yet, somehow we were still able to achieve success.

Having success as an individual freelancer and building your own business is not easy, but if you have someone by your side who has been through the trenches, the journey to success can be a whole lot easier.

We certainly wish that we had someone to rely on when we were starting out.

By January, 2016 we want to help 1,000+ individual freelancers (like YOU) take their businesses next level.  

We are looking specifically for talented creative types that are either starting from ZERO or simply struggling to make the type of money that they deserve. 

If you're sick and tired of not making the money that you feel like you should be earning freelancing or if you're new to the game and interested in learning how to get started then The Freelance Hustler Challenge is for you.

But if you're not 100% committed then it's best that you stop reading now.

This challenge isn't for those of you looking to get rich quick or make money without putting in the amount of work required for success.

No, no, my friends....the type of success that we're talking about only comes with hard work and for some of you this isn't going to be easy.

But will it be worth it?  


Ok, so here's what we have done...

We have compiled everything that we have learned from our personal experience in building a successful freelancing business into 66 easy to digest daily lessons. 

We have pulled resources from ourselves as well as the smartest people we know in entrepreneurship to create an exclusive challenge just for you.

For 66 days in a row, you will be getting daily actionable lessons on how to build a successful freelancing business right in your inbox. 

Why 66 days?

In a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, Phillippa Lally and her research team determined that it takes more than two months (66 days to be exact) before a new behavior becomes automatic - a habit. 

Oddly enough, it took us about two months to really get some traction when we started our own business as well.  We want the stuff we are teaching you to really sink in, so 66 days is the number.

Are you ready to dive in?

You can get access right now to all 66 days of The Freelance Hustler Challenge for simply by claiming your spot below.  

A $397 value....yours completely FREE.  Thank us later :)
Here is what you will learn over the next 66 days:
Days 1-7: Creating an unshakable Mindset, Uncovering your Why and the Law of 33%
Days 8-15: Understanding Your Market, The Power of Idea Discovery and Offering Something people will buy.
Days 16-17: Preparing Yourself For Effective Prospecting, Defining your Allies and building your Freelance 100
Days 18-24: Developing A Sales System For Success, The Freelance Hustler Productivity System, and the Slight Edge Methodology. 
Days 25-31: Fixing your Sales & Marketing Problem, Developing A Sales System For Success and becoming the sexiest Freelancer in the room
Days 32-38: How to Leverage Marketplaces like Upwork to make 6 Figures, The Freelancer Physiology trick and why we like Glengary Glen Ross.
Days 39-45: Making Yourself Irresistible, Getting Consistent Work and how to stand out like Kanye West. 
Days 46-52: Successfully Running Your Business After Launch, How to play Whac-a-mole with nightmare clients, and the power of SOP's. 
Days 53-59: Growing Your Freelance Business, Building a Team of A players and how to not get bored with all your free time. 
Days 60-66: Freelance Lifestyle Design, Product Creation and Defining your next power moves.